Where you at El Niño?

By Alex Mendez

Its here and its real, get your sunscreen out because it just got hot in California. Not even 2 weeks ago Californian’s were dealing with gusty winds and chilling weather. According to a report published by the washing post Long beach set a new record high of 90 degrees for the month of February breaking the previous mark of 86 degrees. I set out to speak to students at Cal state Long beach about their theory as to why things are heating up.

Here’s what students had to say as to what’s causing the heat

Robbie M. “Its insane, Its gotten so hot were literally in beach weather. Maybe its global warming.  ”

Robbie’s friend had a different opinion

Kylie H. “it cant be global warming the Chinese are just making us believe that, I’m a political science major and Donald Trump dispelled global warming and said the Chinese made that S@#t up. So we cant blame global warming because that doesn’t exist.”

Although we all a shared in a good laugh about the Republican front runners remarks, could we be witnessing the effects of climate change? Climate Scientist Bill Patzert speaking on a radio talk show claimed that although “El Niño” which was suppose to hit us hasn’t but definitely will. According to Bill Patzert we can expect things to cool down and get rainfall in March and April. He explains that as el Niño weakens it will come down to southern California, giving us heavy rains.



Cal State Long Beach, South Campus

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